Interior of a barber's shop, circa 1920Image via Wikipedia

While the barbershop has traditionally been seen as a male-oriented space, a growing number of women are turning to barbers rather than beauty salons for a classic, no-frills trim or haircut. The craze began in the 1920s, when scores of fashion-forward women filled barber chairs in order to have their locks lopped off into a chic, edgy bob. The flapper fad eventually faded, but some women were reluctant to abandon their barbers, and the unisex barbershop was born. Women like barbershops for many of the same reasons that men do: A basic haircut remains affordable – particularly when compared to the prices at your average salon – and the shops are still a hotbed of local news and gossip in many communities. Some women are even choosing to work as barbers instead of in beauty salons. Between the growing number of female barbers and the loyal legion of barber fans, women are sure to be filling barber chairs for years to come. Click here now to find the best deals on barber chairs in San Francisco!

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